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Bids for 2100 N. redesign come in too high

By Linda Petersen
LEHI City leaders have entered into an agreement with UDOT for the city to realign the frontage road 2100 N. where it connects to 1200 West. UDOT will pay for the entire realignment which is due to the widening of I-15 as part of the Technology Corridor project. The city will perform these services as part of its current 1200 West widening project.

The city's widening project is from the 2100 North interchange to Timpanogos Highway (SR-92). City estimates put the design and reconstruction at $575,000. However, after bids were opened on July 9 and all the bids were higher than estimates, City Engineer Lorin Powell told the council they are holding off on awarding the bid.

The design will include a future traffic signal at the realigned 2100 N. and1200 West intersection.

UDOT was expected to pay the city the $575,000 (or whatever the cost was determined to be within 30 days of the agreement. Construction was expected to be complete by Nov. 1, 2020. It is unknown if the too-high bids will affect the timeline.
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