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Is your Teen Depressed?
What does a normal teen act like? The following teen behaviors are completely normal: moodiness, emotionality, focus on self, opinionated, some rebelliousness, limit-testing, pushing for independence, less affection, struggling with identity, questioning beliefs, and seeming to know it all. These behaviors are healthy and evidence of the individuation process beginning. Parents should be glad to see its arrival. Sure, it's not always easy, but remember - it's only a phase. It is helpful to under
Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well
Eat Well, Think Well, Move Well    Vitamin D The key to a happy life is health.  In this column we will discuss the importance of nutrition, exercise, positive thinking and more: all things that contribute to a healthy life.  Today, as the winter ushers in the cold and flu season, I thought it appropriate to discuss one of the most important nutritional supplements for boosting the immune system: the Sunshine Vitamin itself, Vitamin D. Did you know that Vitamin D cannot be produced without t
Budgeting Tips Worth More than You Paid for Them
There isn't much that a really good night's sleep can't fix, i.e. grumpy moods, puffy eyes, sleepiness and bad hair days…come to think of it all those things can be the cause of a bad night's sleep. So we're agreed then, a good night's sleep is often the solution to some very ugly troubles, including certain, really bad financial decisions, like that carpet cleaner with all the attachments you don't know how to use or that pet that was so cute at the store ,but now just keeps peeing on the carpe
Bids for 2100 N. redesign come in too high
LEHI — City leaders have entered into an agreement with UDOT for the city to realign the frontage road 2100 N. where it connects to 1200 West. UDOT will pay for the entire realignment which is due to the widening of I-15 as part of the Technology Corridor project. The city will perform these services as part of its current 1200 West widening project. The city's widening project is from the 2100 North interchange to Timpanogos Highway (SR-92). City estimates put the design and reconstruction a
Cedar Hills makes owning accessory apartments easier
CEDAR HILLS — The State of Utah requires all cities to have some type of affordable or moderate housing. This year the state legislature has upped the ante to include requiring cities to report on the number of low-income or moderate income units and has enacted penalties for cities that do not that type of housing. It has meant that many cities, including Cedar Hills, have gone back to their ordinances to try and make them friendier toward those housing options. In Cedar Hills, it has meant
Plans for American Fork 200 South widening move forward
AMERICAN FORK — The city council has awarded a contract for the redesign of 200 South. The new design will include a realignment of 200 South and Mill Pond Road, a five-lane road from Mill Pond Road to 570 West, a two-lane road (with no widening of the railroad) from 570 West to 300 West and a roundabout at 300 West to connect all three roads. It may include the design of a trail on the south side of the road which will be constructed in a separate city project. Currently, the road has a c
Lehi to honor former Fifth Ward members during Heritage Day
LEHI — The city celebrated its roots at its annual Heritage Day, Sept. 3 from 2 to 7 p.m. at the Heritage Center, 123 Center Street. This year the annual celebration had a theme of "Early Industry." The community is invited to dress up in period dress and to enjoy the day's events which will begin with a showcase parade along Main Street from 400 East to Center Street at 2 p.m. The event honored several Lehi residents who have provided service to the community over the years. This year's h
City looks at The Ridge development
ALPINE — The city council has reviewed plans for the Ridge at Alpine Subdivision which consists of 72 lots ranging in size from 0.46 acres to 3.08 acres on a site that is approximately 189.5 acres. Just over 68 acres of the property has been designated as a conservation easement with an additional 58 acres proposed as additional open space. The development at about 1100 North Grove Drive has what is known as a Planned Regional Development designation which is meant to cluster lots to preserve
Work moves forward on Alpine pressurized irrigation meters
ALPINE — As part of its ongoing pressurized irrigation meter project, the city has awarded the bid for the ultrasonic water meter supply to Hydro Specialty Company, the low bidder at $789,252, about 20 percent less than engineer estimates. Hydro Specialty Company was the only bidder on the water meter boxes project. At $789,252 Hydro Specialty Company was the only bidder. The bid was $91,692.15, about 13 percent less than engineer estimates. Meter installation is expected to be completed i
Fairfield may eliminate half-acre zone
FAIRFIELD — Mayor Brad Gurney and the members of the town council are continuing to work on updating the town's ordinances, most recently updating the conditions of the commercial overlay zone and the lighting standard ordinance. They will be turning their attention to the home-based business, subdivision and nuisance ordinances next. At their July 12 town council meeting, Planning Commission Chair Daymon Stephens approached the mayor and town council members to gauge their interest in elimin


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