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Budgeting Tips Worth More than You Paid for Them

By Danielle Dimond
There isn't much that a really good night's sleep can't fix, i.e. grumpy moods, puffy eyes, sleepiness and bad hair days…come to think of it all those things can be the cause of a bad night's sleep. So we're agreed then, a good night's sleep is often the solution to some very ugly troubles, including certain, really bad financial decisions, like that carpet cleaner with all the attachments you don't know how to use or that pet that was so cute at the store ,but now just keeps peeing on the carpet (and you can't remember how to use that darn attachment!)

Impulse buying has no place in the budgeter's life or pocketbook. Anything you simply have to have right NOW…can wait until tomorrow. If you see that Thneed in the store, all shiny and beckoning, take a breath and tell yourself to hold off just one day. You aren't telling yourself "no", you're simply telling yourself to sleep on it. If you wake in the morning and still feel like it's the right thing for you, then go ahead if your budget allows. However, sometimes you'll rub the sleep from your eyes and a sigh of relief will escape you that you didn't make that purchase. Fight that urge to buy on impulse! You'll save yourself many other sleepless nights worrying about the debt you've collected, and then where will your hair and puffy eyes be?


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