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Fee increases for Cedar Hills residents

By Linda Petersen
CEDAR HILLS Several new fee increases were implemented by the city council on June 19 and went into effect July 1.

The city's recycling contractor Waste Management has increased its fees to the city due to a significant drop in demand from China which has historically purchased 30 percent of recyclables worldwide. Additionally, the Chinese have imposed more stringent regulations regarding contaminated materials.

Due to these issues and the cost of cleaning up contaminants, recycling fees for residents have increased. The rate for the first toter at each household has increased to $6.90/month (up from $4.79/month) Additional toters at a household are now $5/month (up from $2.24/month).

Scheduled water rate increases have also gone into effect. The per household water base rate is now $8.62/month (up from $8.10). Per thousand gallons it is now $1.92/month ($1.80 previously).

Sewer usage is now $4.19 per 1,000 gallons (up from $4.07). Storm drain fees are now $11.18/month (up from $10.50).

Monthly paramedic service fees have also increased to $6.95/month.
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