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Police emerge the winners in blood battle

By Linda Petersen
Caption: Lehi Fire Chief Jeremy Craft gives blood at the Battle of the Badges.

LEHI The police department emerged victorious over their firefighting peers in a Battle of the Badges blood drive held July 11 at the Legacy Center.

For weeks prior both departments tried to drum up support for the drive on their FB pages, promising prizes and food trucks for participants

Between 2 and 8 p.m. that day 75 donors came out and donated blood that day - not exactly the 100 they had hoped for but pretty respectable, nonetheless.

All donors received an American Red Cross T-shirt and were entered into a drawing for prizes the departments had gathered that included Jiffy Lube gift certificates, concealed weapons classes and DNA testing kits

Several food trucks were also on site to make sure donors kept up their strength.

While the police department did not crow about its victory on its Facebook page, it did point out that the victors were not "the people in the big red truck."

"No worries, we'll be back to defend our title next year," the post said.

"The entire community wins when we come together and serve each other; donated blood saves lives every day," it said.
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