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State puts the brakes on Fairfield town hall

By Linda Petersen
FAIRFIELD -- The town has run into some snags in its efforts to develop a town office/museum. On May 10, Mayor Brad Gurney reported to the town council that the state officials no longer want the town to construct its building on land on the on the west side of the Camp Floyd State Park. (The state originally agreed to transfer the rights to a one-quarter-acre parcel there).

Gurney said state officials do not believe the building can be constructed for the town's estimated price of $500,000. State officials think the cost will be close to $1 million and are concerned they will transfer the land and that the facility will never get built.

They also do not want the town to build in the original proposed area because environmentalists believe that the building will interfere with what they believe are wetlands on the property.

State officials also believe there are arsenic issues on this land and that it will need to be tested before construction can happen. While those officials have not closed the door on the land transfer all these issues need to be addressed first, Gurney said.

The town potentially has access to $1 million of Pony Express memorabilia but State Parks will not give a quarter-acre to help in the process, Gurney said.

Town officials are currently discussing whether to move the project to 7 acres of town-owned land located at about1540 N. which was purchased in December 2016 with the intent to build the town hall/museum there.

Gurney would like to meet with Gov. Gary Herbert to discuss the project and the issue with State Lands, he said.

Council Member Hollie McKinney volunteered to look into the possible purchase of the Ranches Golf Course clubhouse, which is scheduled to be removed, for use as a museum building.

Gurney said it may be possible to construct a 10,000-square-foot building and initially finish just the museum portion (5,000 square feet) of the building and to construct the road and the water line. The rest of the building could be completed over the next couple of years as funding is available, he said.
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