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Town looks to improve cemetery road

By Linda Petersen
CEDAR FORT The cemetery was a major point of discussion during the town council's April meeting.

A survey conducted by the town last year indicated that of 93 households surveyed, 39 of them want the cemetery road restored to its original state while 44 would like to have grass available and 19 would like the timbers straightened and to have gravel put in.

Of the respondents, 46 have family members buried in the cemetery. (Twenty-four homeowners declined to make any comment).

Mayor David Gustin said that he is hoping the town will be able to straighten the timbers on the east side of the road, replace old timbers without cutting the tree located there and widen the northwest corner of the cemetery so cars can navigate easily. He also suggested making the current 10-foot walkway available for burial plots.

It doesn't make sense to keep it as a walkway, Gustin said. By doing this, 24 additional burial places would be made available in the cemetery.

Town Sexton Howard Anderson told the council that he has been looking into cemetery software to manage the cemetery's information database. He also strongly encouraged the purchase of mapping software, which will identify available spots and those that are not usable.

Anderson said the cost of the basic software would be $149, but it would be vulnerable because it has to be stored on individual computers. The license would cost $7,000, plus an annual fee of $1,000.

Councilman Harold Draper suggested the town create a page on its website where people could identify available parcels and see data associated with occupied graves. He proposed that if the town purchased software to manage the cemetery that it be cloud based.

Resident Julie Sorensen commented that with the current spreadsheet that tracks plots there's a lot of confusion in the old parts of the cemetery. Town Treasurer Ashley Cook suggested having a grave finder that could be linked to

Gustin said he had been informed that the veterans' plaque is full, and the town needs another one. He asked Anderson to report on it at the next town council meeting.

At the same meeting, Councilman Richard Stark reported that he had received one bid to do a 6-yard recycle bin that would be stationed at the fire station. If the company emptied it every other week, it would be $83 a month. For once a week it would cost $103. Dump days would be on Thursday. Allowed materials for the dump bin are: cardboard, paper, empty plastic bottles and jugs, aluminum cans, and steel cans. He stated that materials not allowed include: Glass, food, yard waste, coded paper containers and Styrofoam would not be allowed. He recommended to the council members to start dumping every week, until further notice.

Gustin asked Stark if it would be possible to use the recycle bin for a couple of months and then remove it if Cedar Fort residents feel they don't need to recycle. Stark said he would check into it.
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