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USDC to sell 112 acres

By Linda Petersen
HIGHLAND The Utah State Developmental Center, located in American Fork at 895 N. 900 E., has put up 112 acres of its property which is located in Highland for sale or lease. The USDC currently sits on about 450 acres.

The property on the west side of North County Boulevard and south of 10100 North borders Lone Peak High School to the north. It includes land for an east-west connector road and may include land for a fire station. The state Division of Facilities Construction and Management is accepting purchasing bids through Aug 31. Originally on May 10, the governing board approved 143 acres to be sold but that was later changed to 112 acres.

In a 2013 USDC master plan for the area, which was described as "a vision for potential future development on the northern portion of the Developmental Center's holdings and in Utah County" the area up for sale was designated as mixed use. That plan includes 255 single-family residential lots, including 28 senior single-family lots, 630 apartments, 50 townhomes, 200 senior apartments and 134,000 square feet of retail space and 40,200 square feet of office.

"The vision is for a mixed-use community with a real estate program composition that maximizes the potential for lease-able property with the intent of keeping as much land as possible," the master plan says.

As a state-owned property, the USDC had to receive approval from the legislature to sell the acreage which was primarily approved for the development of the east-west road this legislative session. Known as the Murdoch Connector, the east-west road would connect the Alpine Highway to Utah County Blvd. The three-lane road would be less than a mile long.

While state-owned land is not subject to local zoning ordinances, if it is sold it would then be. The property is designated as mixed use in Highland's general plan. It is uncertain if local zoning would apply if the land were leased. The property comes with a significant price tag.

"Any of us who have north of $23M to spare should have a shot at purchasing the land :)" Highland Mayor Rod Mann wrote in his column in the city's July newsletter.

The land is being sold/leased to provide a long-term revenue stream for the USDC.
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